User Experience (UX) course and certification (CPUX-F)


Prove your UX knowledge, get CPUX certified!

Code Space in association with the international UXQB and UX guru Rolf Molich present a:

Professional 3-day User Experience (UX) certification program covering user experience methods and theories – delivered by Rolf Molich and independently assessed/certified by iSQI.


150€ - 565€
28-30 November
Course language is English

Why is this course relevant to you?

  • If you are a developer, business analyst or manager who is interested in UX or works with UX Professionals: To acquire basic knowledge and skills that follow established conventions so you can communicate with your UX professionals and know what to expect from them
  • If you are a UX Professional: To ensure that your knowledge of usability and UX is completely up to date; and to show that you care about keeping your professional knowledge up-to-date
  • To have recognised proof of your knowledge of usability and UX
  • To give you the qualification needed to advance to the higher certificates in the areas of usability testing (CPUX-UT) and user requirements engineering (CPUX-UR)

The only requirement for attending this course is a knowledge of modern interaction techniques, which you can obtain for example from surfing the web.

What will I learn on the course?

The course is based on content from the International Usability and User Experience Qualification Board (UXQB,

The course provides an introduction to usability and UX in the areas of:

  • The human-centred design process: Usability maturity, UX in agile projects
  • Usability concepts and guidelines: usability, user experience, accessibility
  • Understanding and specifying the context of use: procedures for analysis, observation, interview, personas, scenarios, user groups
  • Specifying user requirements: how to write precise qualitative and quantitative user requirements
  • Describing user interaction: design, user journey maps, storyboards, low- and high-fidelity prototypes, dialogue principles, heuristics, guidelines, best practices in error messaging
  • Usability Testing and other evaluation methods: step-by-step approach in running a usability test, typical errors, heuristic evaluation, questionnaires


The course includes about 10 practical exercises, including:

  • Prepare and conduct an interview
  • Sketch the context of use for an interactive system
  • Write qualitative and quantitative user requirements for an interactive system
  • Prepare and test a prototype of an interactive system
  • Observe a live usability test of a popular website

The exercises take up about 50% of the total time of the two-day course.

In addition to the exercises, the lectures are interspersed with typical examination questions to allow you to immediately check your understanding and to prepare you for the certification examination.

About the trainer

The course is run by Rolf Molich, one of the pioneers of usability. He has worked in the field since1984 and together with Jakob Nielsen created the method of heuristic evaluation. Rolf has helped to develop the certification program and he is the editor of the CPUX-F curriculum. In 2013 he was named “Teacher of the year” by his students at the Institute of Computer Science at the University of Copenhagen for his usable approach to teaching. Rolf uses a highly interactive style for teaching and devotes about 50% of the course time to exercises.

Course modules and prices

The course consists of three modules and extends over three days.

UX Course: 2-day classroom course with about 10 practical exercises

Crash Course: Half-day intensive review of the entire curriculum and rehearsal certification test

Certification: Test and certification

UX Course: 2-day





Crash Course + Certification



UX Course: 2-day + Crash Course + Certification



You can choose any combination of the modules. For example,

  • Choose all modules if you are new to UX
  • Choose module Crash Course + Certification if you are already familiar with UX
  • Choose module Certification if you want to prepare yourself completely on your own

Most people choose all three modules: UX Course: 2-day + Crash Course + Certification.


If you want to prepare yourself completely on your own (only taking module 3), you will find the syllabus (curriculum) and a full set of test questions for training purposes on 

November 28:  10:00 – 17:00: Course — Part 1

November 29:  10:00 – 17:00: Course — Part 2

November 30:  09:00 – 12:45: Crash course and rehearsal certification test

November 30:  13:30 – 15:15: Certification Test conducted by iSQI.


Food and snacks are provided throughout the course. In the morning coffee is served. Lunch is not included. Coffee, teas and water are available throughout the course.

Certification Test

In order to gain certification, you must pass a 90 minute test that consists of 40 multiple choice questions. To pass, you must score at least 28 points out of the 40 possible.
You can find an example of a complete certification test on